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██ S H I N I G A M I██
NAME None. Due to the corresponding events of the nature of birth, this creature was born with no name or recognition to its previous partners, and king. Though it may not be given an official name, the alias of this creature serves that of its previous lifetime, of another that dwelled from the exterior soul.
ALIAS / NICKNAME(S) Having no name, this creature needs to be identified in some manner of sorts. In do so, he's taken the alias of his previous partner and King, Shuei Setsuna. Knowing this is not his true name as he never had one, this will be the exception to well define himself as the name grew an odd sentimental attachment to his soul. / Normally people would be given names made up by others, and quite oddly enough this man with no name has acquire that attribute from others, regardless of their relationships from his alias. They had given him Shoes, Chewy, ShuShu, Shoey, and ChewChew. These names were picked at certain random points in the past and in the near future of his new beginning.

AGE Unidentified at the sheer notice or upon any time as it is still unclear whether the development of his soul began many years ago during the birth of the previous Shuei or within the transition of awful scientific Shinigami and Hollow experiments that lead to his rise upon that soul. Its unclear of his soul's birth, however, it is safe to redeem that he should be the same age as his previous King at around 1,110 years of age.
VISUAL AGE The odd gets odder, as Shuei looks around the ages between eighteen to twenty. The reason for this is the explaining of how his soul came to be, in a short sense his soul was the older outlook to his previous counterpart. Due to this, as the dominant soul, this alters the celestial body of the man into what his soul looked on.

GENDER It is safe to say that he is of course a he. This creature is a man, a male. Unlike his other counterpart looking more young and a bit feminine, this Shuei is more masculine.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION Alas most people would wonder what this man is interested in as his persona gives the mysterious vibe of the unknowing. In so, he loves woman. Their body, their natural odor, and of course their frail spirits. As much as it is, he loves to seduce woman into his games. Games leading to chaotic sexual fantasies and torture of pleasure. Though he loves to hide his sexual intentions, those on which he targets would be a fall to his prey, and as much as it sounds he is shallow onto whom he picks. Personally he prefers woman to have a bust chest, with a lovely curve to end with a nice round bottom and soft smooth skin.

DIVISION This man never has been a part of a Division in his lifetimes. Regardless of it, it doesn't mean he was informed of this area of each expertise of the thirteen. Unlike his previous King, he has known of these special forces at an earlier state, and in due time, perhaps he might even go into one of the divisions or in terms of his own, to demolish them for what they've created and distribute out without taking the responsibilities they've created. As which he portrays to be one of those mishaps.
RANK The best way to determine his strength was from what has been a given onto from before, though due to the discretion of being hidden from within, its safe to say that from the conflict between the King and his Horse; this Shuei Setsuna is capable of rivaling that of an average Seasonal Captain-Level person. This being newly appointed Captains to where they've proven themselves capable of achieving Bankai and sorting their abilities to a whole other level. This being as the previous Horse to the previous King of a level of that of Captaincy.

HEIGHT He stands at about five foot and seven inches tall. (5'7'').
WEIGHT Normally people would be or just say write it down and die, but Shuei never had once weighed himself. However the legit number is 52.2 kg. Which is at about 115.081 in lb.

BODY FRAME Shuei is very slim, and well built with tight muscles. He may seem a bit frail to most hardcore fighters, but he is still dangerously powerful.
BLOOD TYPE His blood is unidentifiable and has nothing too different from any other blood, however, because his blood type is unable to be found, it can keep a very high immune system and is compatible with all other blood types.

APPEARANCE Shuei is a rather well built person. His body has a nice lean and muscular physic to it, this makes him more durable in cased with hard muscles and concentrations of his strength in each limb. His body is toned and well defined, being lean and thin with the absence of excess bulk. However he has more strength then what his looks would say. Shuei stands at 5'7''. Moving to Shuei's face his most noticeable feature here would be his bright crimson eyes. Crimson being an abnormal eye color to naturally, the uniqueness of the color makes them stand out. his eyes seem to have a rather nice almond shape to them while his lash-line appears to be darker then normal, which seem to draw attention to his eyes more.

The features to his face are strong, however they don't overpower his face, instead they come together rather handsomely and masculine. His skin is fair, not being completely pale or tanned, he sits in between with a slight color to his skin that is not to light nor to dark. Shuei's lips have a feint rosy hue to them which can twist into a sadistic smirk or fall and remain emotionless as well. Shuei's hair could be considered mid-length, being in a nice dark azure color it falls behind the nape of his neck, layers being cut so that it appears shorter at the front of his face ans some on the sides of his head and at the back. A few of these layers curve inwards to sit on his cheeks, while the majority of the others tend to flip away. Shuei's bangs are rather long, reaching down to touch the tip of his nose. However they are cut rather uniquely so they do not interfere with his eye sight. A long chunk of his bangs usually hangs down between his eyes, curving slightly to the side.

Shuei's attire mostly consists of black, wearing a pair of fitted black pants with some silver like details on them over top of a pair of black boots. He also wears a thick silver like belt covered in matching studs. Long gloves cover his forearms almost to his elbows, also being in a black with an azure sheen. Resting on his wrists are thick bracelets, the ones on his right hand have studs much like on his belt while the ones on his left hand do not. Shuei wears a dark azure shirt that fits him rather well. The shirt comes up all the way around his neck much like a turtle neck. Over top of this t shirt Shuei wears a black jacket which has some silver details to it. The collar to this jacket is flipped up and the jacket reaches down to touch the back of his calves. Around his neck Shuei wears a pair of silver cross necklaces, one hanging lower then the other and both vary in size and the details of their shape.


SOUND OF VOICE -------------

HOBBIES -------------
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DISLIKES -----------

PERSONALITY -------------
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FIGHTING TYPE -------------
HISTORY -------------

ROLEPLAY SAMPLE -------------
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